Make financing the easiest part

Partner with us for a solution that’s tailored to your real estate investing goals.

Low cost

Alongside competitive and low rates, we offer low origination points, high leverage, and no application fee.

Simple and fast process

We combine reliable funding, fast close times, and easy-to-use technology to create a financing experience that alleviates confusion.

Flexible experience

Our expert team works with you to support your individual needs, providing rates and points that get better as you do more projects.

The more you do, the more you get

As a reliable financing partner and dependable source of support, we make it easy for you to get what you need. As you grow, your rates and benefits improve.


Premium Service

Dedicated team on-call and ready to help
Close in 15 business days or faster, pending full
file completion and responsiveness of borrower
Even faster for repeat borrowers


0-4 flips in last 2 years1
660 minimum FICO2
No unresolved bankruptcy or filings within the last 24 months
No outstanding mortgage delinquency of 90 days or more
No felony convictions within the last 7 years3
Personal Guarantee required
No bank statements or income verification required

Max Leverage

Up to 90% of purchase price
70% of After Repair Value (ARV) w/ holdback
100% rehab costs

Loan Terms

Minimum loan amount: $75,000
Maximum loan amount: $600,0006
Maximum loan amount in California: $1,000,000
12, 18, 24 month term with no prepayment penalty

Eligible Properties

SFRs 2-4plex
Condos PUDs

Eligible Members

General partnerships
Limited partnerships
Limited liability companies
Revocable trusts
Individual borrowers (natural person)

1 A completed flip can be either: 1) A property sold within 24 months preceding application submit date
and acquired no more than 36 months prior to exit.
2 Open charge-off(s) and collection(s) are prohibited, except for items less than $10,000 measured on
an individual basis (not aggregated), or where derogatory item(s) are paid off and removed through
LendingHome’s loan closing.
3 And no felonies for financial crimes, ever.
See pricing grid and state-by-state-pricing adjustments.
Up to 90% with a 720 FICO score.
Max loan amount is $600,000 and a $1MM max loan amount in California. Only allowed 3 loans at once max.
Guarantor’s mortgage history in good standing